conscious management

a family in love with nature for
the trees… committed to sustainable
social and environmental practices, producing specialty organic coffees  connecting the experience of the parents and the young and innovative vision of their children

Always looking to the future, attentive to available innovations and technologies, mixing experience with youth, the Saquarema Group produces special organic coffees generating economic viability, social and environmental sustainability, preserving and planting native and fruitful forests, contemplating legal areas above expectations in law and mainly, always thinking about future generations so that they can live in harmony, respecting and preserving the planet.

balance and productivity
with high quality

take care of the soil, so that
it feeds the plant and so the plant to produce excellent coffee, with joy…

everything in harmony with the human being,
the environment, the fauna and the flora, contributing to the planet’s preservation!

[Aguiar’s family]
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