Coffee Production

Harvest, traceability and cup quality

Nossa Senhora de Fátima and Saquarema farms use modern methods ranging from crop, culture handling and harvest to Coffee’s Drying processes, beneficiation and storage.

The selective harvest is made on the grains that achieved the ideal maturation point – The cherry. The harvest is carefully performed, separating the grains, which guarantee the condition to standardize the various maturation stages. Cherry grains from green and dry grains.

The other harvests are made manually with tissue and mechanically, in order to avoid grain’s contact with soil’s microorganisms.

On Nossa Senhora de Fátima Farm, the dry weather on harvest season, crop’s programmed irrigation, harvest staggering, organic coffee’s differentiated drying on suspended beds and greenhouse, are also fundamental factors that contribute to valorize the best characteristics of special organic coffees.

Grain’s degustation and classification are made on the own farm. With Accompaniment during all agricultural year, step by step, harvest, courts and batches separately, the coffee leave the property, traced and followed by origin reports and certifications.

The result of this entire process can be seen on the cup: A sweet drink, aromatized, full bodied, chocolaty flavored or citric, always searching the balance of a good coffee in all your sensorial analysis.

Coffee beneficiation