The Saquarema Group


In the year of 1999, on Nossa Senhora de Fatima Farm, where differentiated Coffee was already been produced, was opted to produce on ecological and fair way. Special Organic Coffee began to be produced, taking care not to pollute or degrade the environment, also giving better life quality to employees, contributing for the region Development.

On 2002, Saquarema Farm Joined the Group, starting the implantation of another Organic production project, which was an important step to Group Saquarema better sustainability.

Actually, both farms produce Organic Coffee, committed with modern and future generation’s life quality, by an ethical behavior, which contributes to Economic, social and environmental development.

The Organic production economic viability, allied to previously acquired knowledge and experience, contributed to the rapidly growth of Saquarema Group, consolidating on the sustainable market field, which increases around 20% by year.

Following the world’s trend on the importance of planted forests to Cellulose, steel mill and wood industries, the Saquarema group, concerned about the global heat’s effects reduction, implanted on it’s farms the Eucalyptus plantation.

Eucalyptus plantation is one solution to reduce the impact over native vegetation, enabling wood production to supply the society needs with sustainability.

It is a great contribution to preserve native vegetation, Global heat reduction, and forest devastation. Saquarema Group farm’s cultivated areas do not include forests reserves areas and permanent preservation areas.

In June of 2001, concerned about quality continuity, traceability and security on “coffee chain”, was established a new partnership with AGA (Araxá’s general storage / wharehouse), located on Araxá’s City, on Minas Gerais State. This Warehouse guarantees that stored and processed products are respecting the standards of organic agriculture (BR, NOP, JAS e CE), Utz Certified, Rainforest and fair trade.