Certifications and awards


The NOSSA SENHORA DE FÁTIMA FARM has the BCS ÖKO Garantie, from Germany, as organic certifier. With International recognition the BCS guarantee a product that meets the most demanding international markets. European Community, Asia, North America. Therefore, we have the following Organic Certifications: European Community (EC), Japanase Agricultural Standard (JAS), US National Organic Program (NOP).     EC certification JAS Certification NOP Certification

National Organic Product - It is the Brazilian official public label, used to identify and control the National organic production. This label guarantees that the product was produced according to organic agriculture practices and norms. Organic Product certification.
Organic Product Certification

UTZ - this Certification prioritizes socio-environmental issues and traceability in all Coffee’s production chain phases.
UTZ Certification

BSCA (Brazilian Special Coffee Association) – It is a certification of quality and traceability that guarantees the provenance of grains produced according to the International Norms.
BSCA Certification

Rainforest Alliance - through this Certification is promoted the environmental preservation, the improvement of rural workers life’s condition and development of the region where the property is located; its mission is to ally production with biodiversity conservation and human development.
Rainforest Alliance Certification